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About the Van

Intown Houndís mobile salon has been custom designed and built to our exact specifications using the latest in mobile technology and the newest, safest equipment available. We proudly come to your home or workplace in a fully equipped mobile dog grooming salon on wheels. Our Sprinter Diesel van is one of the most fuel efficient and reliable vans on the road today.

Our electrical power is a self-contained Inverter System with a bank of batteries. There will be no unseemly power cords running from your outlets to increase your electric bill and there will be no need to deal with dangerous gas generators. Our power is safe, clean, quiet and totally housed within the spa itself.

Our salon has air conditioning and thermostatically controlled heat.

Automatic roof ventilation fans provide fresh air and effective moisture removal.

We are so proud to offer our clients the cutting edge design of our healthful Hydrotherapy Bathing System. Our bathing system combines the therapeutic concepts of a whirlpool bath and Jacuzzi spa with invigorating jet action that massages the body's core improving circulation, easing aches and pains, removing loose hair and exfoliating dead skin for the healthiest skin and coat possible, but most important of all, it feels GREAT.

Our totally self contained salon on wheels has an electric water heater that ensures a comfortable warm water temperature for your pet. The water tanks are filled with fresh, water daily before coming to you. Dirty water from the bathing process is stored on board and disposed of properly at our facility. Never at your home.

We use a state of the art Clipper Vacuum System that actually "vacuums" the hair as it passes over the pet. The system lifts the hair so that each hair is cut to the exact same length. It speeds up the grooming process because it eliminates having to go over and over the same area to get it smooth. The finished effect feels like velvet. Also, it constantly blows cool air over the blades which help eliminate irritations on sensitive skin.

Our grooming table is electric and lowers enough that larger dogs can just walk onto the non-skid surface and be raised up to the optimum grooming height. No lifting, jumping or worry about being dropped. It virtually eliminates injuries to sensitive hips, backs and knees.

Our table restraint system is the safest and most secure way to support your dog on the table. Its 180 degree linking system is specially designed for adding support for older dogs, young puppies and dogs with hip or spinal sensitivities. Your dog will be securely tethered on the grooming table with little possibility of a foot or back end slipping off the table.

We do everything humanly possible to make sure that all our dog friends will be groomed in an environment where they feel safe, happy and loved.